Owens Corning®’s New Formaldehyde-Free Insulation

Willi Roofing Services, one of the most trusted roofers in our area, takes pride in being an Owens Corning Roofing® Preferred Contractor. Owens Corning has always been at the forefront of research and development in the home improvement industry. Recently, they have announced the first and only formaldehyde-free mineral wool insulation in North America. Learn more about this news here: … [Read more...]

The Features of Owens Corning® Total Protection System®


When planning for your roof replacement project, make sure that your choice of brand, material, and style can deliver exceptional protection and comfort for your home. With the wide selection of roofing products available today, narrowing down your options isn’t as difficult as you might expect. All you need to do is to rely on Willi Roofing Services, the leading roofer in the area. … [Read more...]

How Will Built-Up Roofing Benefit You?


Used in the country for more than 100 years, built-up roofing (BUR) is the most popular type of commercial roofing available on the market. Its unique features and benefits make it one of the best cost-effective solutions for several business owners. Let Willi Roofing Services take a closer look at its excellent qualities: … [Read more...]